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UT Institute of Agriculture Events

Saturday, September 9

Certified Lawn Care Professional

Have you ever wanted to have the perfect lawn? Well, this may be your chance! UT Extension is starting a self-paced online Lawn Care Course. For only...

Virtual Event
Grape Harvest Day

Come learn from the Master Gardeners how to harvest grapes at the Lane Agri-Park Vineyard! We will have the MTSU destemmer and crusher on site. Please park...

BQA and Master Beef Calendar

Here is a calendar for our upcoming BQA classes for September. Also, we are offering two Master Beef Classes September 22 and October 13. Contact...

Virtual Event
Fall Lawncare Field Day

Invest 2 hours of your Saturday morning to learn about fall lawncare practices YOU can do to promote turfgrass quality and performance. Topics...

UT Arboretum Butterfly Festival

The UT Arboretum Butterfly Festival is a field day presented by UT AgResearch and the UT Arboretum Society. More details about this event can be found on...

Saturday, September 9